Production capacity

Manufactory for the IVRD vaccines and veterinary biological products meets GMP-WHO standards for “Good manufacturing practice”, “Good laboratory practice”  and “Good storage practice”. The production plant is fully equipped with modern equipment and machinery to meet scientific research and vaccine production. The laboratory has achieved ISO, Biosafety standards. The plant has 3 subdivisions including:

  1.  Bacterial vaccines
  2. Viral vaccines
  3. Probiotics

Vaccines and veterinary biological products produced at IVRD include:

  1. Trivalent vaccine against Pasteurellosis, Salmonellosis and Cholera in swine (TRI I.VAC)
  1. Bivalent vaccine against Pasteurellosis and Erysipelas in swine
  2. Bivalent vaccine against Pasteurellosis and Salmonellosis in swine
  3.  Swine cholera vaccine
  4. Combined – Swine cholera vaccine
  5. Swine Salmonellosis vaccine
  6. Swine Pasteurellosis vaccine
  7. Vaccine against edema disease caused by E. coli in swine
  8. Bivalent vaccine against edema disease and Salmonellosis in swine (Colisal).
  9. Gumboro vaccine
  10. Duck cholera vaccine
  11. Poultry Pasteurellosis vaccine
  12. Chicken pox vaccine
  13. Heat resistant Lasota vaccine
  14. Freeze-dried Lasota vaccine
  15. Newcastle vaccine.
  16. Necrotic enterocolitis toxoid vaccine
  17. Emulsifying vaccine against Pasteurellosis in buffalo and cow
  18. Alum vaccine against Pasteurellosis in buffalo and cow
  19. Goat and sheep Pasteurellosis vaccine
  20. Gumboro and Newcastle antibodies
  21. Probiotics
  22. Disinfection: Iodine. IV; Bencide.IV …