Conducting scientific research, transferring technological advances, and running business in the field of veterinary medicine in order to support economic development in the Central and Central Highlands regions of Vietnam.


  1. Conduct research for prevention of diseases of domestic and aquatic animals in the Central and Central Highlands provinces.
  2. Research and apply biotechnology in veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, aquaculture and environmental treatment.
  3. Transfer technical and technological advances, perform veterinary and animal husbandry services, participate in training human resources on veterinary medicine.
  4. Diagnosis of animal diseases in the Central region and Central Highlands. Implement the prevention and control of animal diseases in the region.
  5. Manufacture vaccines, biological products and veterinary drugs for disease prevention and control for domestic and aquatic animals.
  6. Trade, import and export raw materials, chemicals, supplies, biological products and veterinary drugs.